I’ve had some YouTube vids that have scored 100,000+ hits, and then there’s this one–that almost no one ever saw. So what the hey? I’ll put it on my website. It’s a great song for reflection, and on this particular winter morning, I was on my way home from a roadtrip to Rockhampton, and I squeezed in a little strumming by the glorious view of the Teviot Range that is just out the back of my house. I’ve been to some pretty nice places around Australia–and where I come from, well, they call it ‘God’s country.’

Enjoy ūüėČ

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Big things to come soon, for the Folk Machine. God is great, and gracious, and I have an incredible story to tell of His goodwill and how he took me and my precious loved ones through the fires of crisis this year, and put us back in those green pastures we all long for within. Here is a prayer I wrote one day that just tumbled out as a song. In my darkest hours, he visits me still with inspiration, and I’m very happy to announce that my family and I are touring nationally now, with several new videos ready to launch soon.

We’ll be sharing our outback adventures from Broken Hill to embracing new life in Adelaide as we journeyed south from QLD to celebrate the birth of a new adventurer, Charlie Mayne. I’m hoping we find some seals in SA so I can do something Steve-Irwin-inspired for the next vid.

There is a new album and a novel planned for 2014, so watch closely. If you’ve met us in person, you’ll know how we love to give things away, so get ready for some exciting new content.

Keep pressing into Jesus.


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ABC Wide Bay’s Breakfast and Early Morning Country presenter, Wayne Shearman, goes the extra mile for his listeners. I was in the studio doing a pre-recorded interview with him last time I was in Bundaberg, and we started off talking about a song idea of mine. After going over the details, Wayne announced, “All right, I’ll play this song. How long is it going to take to create?” Watch the video to see both the song itself, and the story that inspired it, ‘up in Townsville, down on Ingham Road.”

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I’ve been way lazy updating my blog, so here is the latest, from months ago. ¬†Heh.

Going batty in Ingham.

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I had work in Hervey Bay. Genuine work–not just random music adventures. ¬†When I pulled up saddle in that little coastal city, it was well past sunset and I was road weary–starting to have second thoughts about my plan to drop in the Thursday night Beachhouse jam. ¬†I stopped by a mate’s place first to say g’day and share a cuppa.

Final Folkdown @ the Beachhouse
Photos courtesy Dianna Lucas

I played him a new song, and he took a shining to it, and asked if he could film it. ¬†(Bren is a mad keen photographer, has his own business in the Bay and all–Pixelbug) . ¬†Anyhow, he shot a¬†video¬†(linked) while I wrangled the guitar, which had me in the mood for playing, so I headed on to Scarness.

When I got to the Beachhouse, I found it was humming with locals, all gathered for what was to be the last Thursday night jam, since new owners have bought it out and planned to bulldoze a bit of history to embrace a more profitable future.  There was a strong sense of nostalgia in the air, as each of the local acts got up to share for what would be the last time on the familiar stage.

I arrived too late to see everything on offer, but I was lucky enough to see local Eagle’s

Donna Maree Morgan’s ‘Skinny Love’
– -Evocative- –

coverband Dr. Jack do their thing, really working the Les Pauls. ¬†5 piece rockers ‘Leverage’ got up and did the venue proud, and localist vocalist Donna Maree Morgan gave a soulful version of Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’ in her line-up.

I got up and did a few–it went well, too. ¬†Great atmosphere. ¬†I really like the crowd there in Hervey Bay–it is a region with a real sense of culture. ¬†The locals introduce themselves with¬†creative handles like ‘Johnass’ and ‘Panama Jack’

Leverage, Joel Camille

(from left) Markamus Mark Sampson, Andrew Hodson, Panama Jack, Joel Camille

and they’re just damn friendly. ¬†Check out the work of local artist¬†Cilinda Atkins¬†if you get a chance. If I wasn’t well past my hooch smoking days, I’m sure I’d love to pull up in Hervey Bay for a sesh. ¬†Sorry Nimbin, but Qld has a hip-ville on the rise, and it’s all happening down a Hervey Bay.


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There are new and random things happening every day with music, as with any meandering stream in life. ¬†The other day I was advised that my bid to sing at the Mayor’s Christmas Carols in Ipswich (2012) was too late to be accepted, but the consolation I¬†received was just as good. ¬†I had sent the Mayor a copy of my first CD and a letter expressing my love for our city and my self appointed role as ambassador, as I roam the great state of QLD telling all and sundry tales of the little city.

Official Ambassador

The mayor of Ipswich may have just been being polite, but I take this as my official Ambassadorial Certificate.

Paul sent me back ¬†the above letter, along with a very fancy ‘City of Ipswich’ pen and a pin featuring the Australian and Ipswich flags (undoubtedly these are the tokens of my office). ¬†I draw your attention to the final line where the mayor says, “Thanks so much for your role as an Ipswich ambassador.” ¬†Aha! ¬†Official recognition.

My wife is now worried that I’m going to spend the rest of my life telling this story, and end up as one of those strange old men who wanders into shops saying “See this badge? ¬†Know what it means? ” and proceeding with a long and rambling tale that no one really follows as they nod politely .

So what next for an Ipswich ambassador? ¬†What does a civic ambassador even do? ¬†Being self appointed, I suppose the answer is, whatever it is I do already–travel around the country side singing songs and making merry, all the while telling people that it’s ok to say you’re from Ipswich. ¬†It’s not a suburban extension of Brisbane–it is a proud and independent region of it’s own.

Growing up in Ipswich, or anywhere nearby to a Capital city, for that matter, you inevitably put up with the sneering uppitty jeers of people from the Capital city. ¬†Sydney has it’s Parramatta and Melbourne it’s Geelong, but in QLD the underdog is Ipswich. ¬†It would be unfair of me not to give Logan a mention too–as it cops the same sort of criticism from Brisbanites as the ugly duckling of Ipswich. ¬†And it is an ugly duckling.

The official emblems of a Civic Ambassador


Our river is extra muddy, and haunted by bull-sharks and catfish; our buildings are a collection of every passing architectural fad from the past 160 years, and when I was a kid, you didn’t look out of place when you walked barefoot down the main street. ¬†But Ipswich is honest–not full of itself, and when property prices in Brisbane became just plain ridiculous, Ipswich became an opportunity for building a future for many young home-owners, so it has really gone through a renewal over the last couple of decades.

“Why would anyone want to live in Ipswich?” I remember being asked, when I was a young builder’s labourer roaming Greater Brisbane, telling my workmates over a shovel that I aspired to save up and buy a house in Ipswich. ¬†I have a fierce loyalty to the place. ¬†There may be a grinning Brisbane carpenter buried somewhere in Gordon Park. ūüėõ ¬† He underestimated the worth of the humble city. ¬†I’ve found people all over the state of QLD who hale from Ipswich, and most of them are living in subterfuge, telling people they are from Brisbane. ¬†Have a little confidence in your roots, I say. ¬†Even if it was still the poorer sibling of an overly confident capital, I’d gladly shake hands with any stranger I meet and say, “G’day, I’m Joel Camille, and I’m from Ipswich.”



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Filmed in a driveby of Rockhampton, this video catches something of the simplicity of Queensland’s beef capital. ¬†You can go from the CBD to a country backroad in 5 minutes. ¬†The song itself deals with the question of freedom and how well we measure that commodity out to those less fortunate than ourselves…dogs, asylum seekers, etc.

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Joel Camille

Here stands the logo–nay the flag–of the Folk against the machine.

This website will be dedicated to the Folk against the machine; a community resisting conformity.

It will cover the creative works of Joel Camille, and the response of all who join in.

The audience is anyone who finds their way here–most likely following a chance meeting with the musical adventurer.

I will be adding posts randomly, maybe often, maybe not.  Meh.

I am doing this because the songs and stories inside my head won’t be quieted, and must be shared.

Shh. ¬†I already wrote that bit. ¬†You’ll get your turn. ¬†Down in front!

Next, I think we’ll flesh out what exactly is ‘Folk against the machine,’ and why it sounds like I’ve just stolen another band’s name.


Stay tuned.

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It’s just as well nobody’s ever heard of me, because my website has sat idle for a good two months after the webmaster launched it for me. ¬†(Thanks Abdul).

I just got back from a journey through Central Queensland–if I get clever enough I’ll link some YouTube videos and show you all about it.

For now, there is a lot more to see on the Reverbnation link or Facebook

More to come–hang in there!




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